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Your City Wouldn’t Be the Same Without These Mobile Cranes

Keeping a city safe, moving and beautiful is a collective effort. Hundreds of people across several disciplines work every day to make your city a great place to be. A sign of industrial and infrastructure development, city cranes are among the most important tools that keep metropolises moving.

Whether a stationary crane or a mobile boom truck crane, city cranes fulfil a plethora of needs. In recent years, the biggest development has been not just in capability, but how flexible they have become in terms of capability.

In this post, we’ll take a look at five of the most common types of city cranes and truck cranes.

Make no mistake city cranes have made modern living possible.

Tree Cutting and Trimming Cranes

Cranes can be great aids for those in the tree cutting industry. Truck cranes are particularly indispensable if trees have been damaged by a storm and are unsafe to climb. Even large trees or those located on compact residential plots require truck cranes to remove them safely. Similarly, tree trimming is essential to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles from falling branches.

Did you know truck cranes are also used to move, replant and stabilize trees that have been damaged!

Construction Cranes

Construction cranes come in all types of configurations – some mobile, others static. Not only are construction cranes essential for the growth of the economy and creating jobs, they are considered a real metric of growth and prosperity. The more construction cranes a city has, the more prosperous it is considered.

These cranes are either temporarily built or attached to a motor vehicle. Most construction cranes are telescopic cranes. Stationary cranes are used to hoist large, heavy loads at commercial building sites. At residential sites, mobile cranes are sufficient to handle all material and equipment lifting needs.

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bik blog crane constructionStreetlight & Overhead Cable Cranes

Just like cranes are really helpful for those working with trees that can’t support much weight, cranes have made repairing streetlights and overhead cable installation much more efficient. Mobile cranes enable rapid movement of crews from one point to another. Once there, a lifting platform ensures workers a stable surface to step on and enough room to manoeuver safely.


Car Towing & Accident Recovery Cranes

Cranes also play a key role in car towing and accident recovery. Transporting broken or crashed vehicles requires a truck-mounted crane is the best and fastest way to remove it from the road. A network of tow and accident recovery cranes means traffic isn’t stationary for long.

Industrial mobile cranes

Any growing city needs industry to sustain jobs, and industrial cranes certainly do their part. Small and mid-size businesses, in particular, rely on small mobile cranes to lift and haul cargo and equipment. In fact, some production operations employ the same crane for various different tasks around the facility. It speaks volumes about modern modular boom crane design for mobile cranes.


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