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Learn How Hydraulic Systems are Essential for Different Types of Crane Trucks

Hydraulic cranes are wonders of industry. Look at a 40 ton crane and you can’t help but marvel at how something so compact can lift a load so heavy and elevate it to such great heights.

Crane trucks are relied on by many an industry. Be it construction, mining or transportation, a boom truck crane will play an essential role. And it is why crane trucks come in so many configurations. Whereas light lifters may be diesel or electric powered, hydraulic types of crane rely on hydraulic power for their lifting needs.

In this article we are looking at the different types of hydraulic boom truck crane, and truck hydraulics, generally. Read more to understand why buying used crane trucks for sale from a reputed seller is so important (hint: truck maintenance).

What is a hydraulic crane?

A hydraulic boom truck crane is essentially a mobile crane. Whereas it is propelled on the road by a conventional diesel engine, its boom and crane are operated by hydraulic systems.

Hydraulics is a concept simple to understand but difficult to get right. Defined by Pascal’s principle, hydraulics is a way of transferring energy. A relatively small force exerted at one end is transmitted by incompressible fluid to perform a task requiring a much greater force. A hydraulic crane can, therefore, lift far higher loads and exert much greater pressures than compared to other configurations.

Truck hydraulics run under great pressure and that’s why safe operation and truck maintenance are quintessential.

How does a hydraulic crane work?

Depending on the types of truck, truck hydraulics can vary widely for purpose, specification and engineering. However, every hydraulic boom truck crane will follow these basic principles:

Ram – The ram will transfer the force pumped through the pipes to the application

Hydraulic cables – Hydraulic cables need to be thin and extremely strong. After all, they must transfer power to the ram and handle the inertia of the object being acted upon.

Pump – Hydraulic pumps are responsible for controlling the flow of liquid and control the hydraulic pressure that is applied.

Power source – Pumps need a power source and very often this is a diesel or electric power source.

Types of hydraulic crane

There are many different types of new and used crane trucks for sale that rely on hydraulics. Crane trucks are referred to as ‘40 ton’, ‘100 ton’ or ‘500 ton’. This is the maximum weight the crane can lift.

Depending on the size and configuration of the drivetrain, a hydraulic crane may or may not be suitable to drive on the road. Cranes capable of lifting extremely heavy loads may be tracked vehicles, meaning they have to be transported on trailers. However, most mobile hydraulic cranes have tires and can be driven on the road.

The configuration of a hydraulic crane will also affect its load-bearing capacity. While a crane’s maximum capacity may be, say, 100 tons, as the angle and length of the jib are increased, peak load capacity decreases. Moreover, hydraulics are used in a variety of applications. Here are some other types of crane that employ hydraulics:

  • Tree trimming and cutting tools
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Dumpster trucks

Before buying used crane trucks for sale

Looking to buy used crane trucks for sale? Make sure you get a full truck maintenance record. Hydraulic equipment can wear down with time and use. Seals can decay, stress fractures can appear in rams and pipes. It is essential all of this equipment is replaced at the appropriate time.

It’s why you should select used crane trucks for sale very carefully. Truck maintenance can have an enormous impact on your operation. Not only can it lead to downtime, operating hydraulic types of crane unsafely can be in violation of provincial and federal labour codes.

Trusted Hydraulic Truck Provider

Bik Hydraulics has been a trusted supplier of hydraulic boom truck cranes across North America for decades. Our engineering team has helped prepared numerous configurations of cranes for clients. Get in touch with our specialists to talk about your specific mobile crane needs.


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